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During the last decade, several businesses and enterprises have been actively doing work towards decreasing their paper utilization. With the arrival of technology for example an IMS or Invoice Management Solution, businesses who would like to minimize their reliance on pieces of paper at the present have the chance as well.

How can you say that CSR is implemented in the marketing strategy?
Investing within IMS is a great way for companies to improve their natural credentials and also working to their CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Investing in IMS also can provide massive time savings and also reduced data entry expenses. With the current headlines warning you that the global warming is turning into a serious matter, CSR is becoming an increased priority for businesses.

In accordance with the Aberdeen Group, approximately 72% of invoices obtained are paper based, that is a surprisingly high amount. For businesses processing countless invoices a month, it can rapidly add up to numerous pieces of paper becoming handled. So what modifications can a company do to become much environmentally friendly? Investing within IMS can be the first steps or actions to take in decreasing paper consumption in the business, helping the environment and also giving the business some financial benefits as well.

Benefits of the CSR like a Companies social responsibility
Manually processing invoices certainly is a quite labor intensive as well as expensive job and also in accordance with Ardent Partners this expenses an average of the $19 to process the invoice manually, while automating a good invoice would price, on average, just $2. This statistic demonstrates that by investing within IMS a business can gain huge expense savings also become more ‘green’ along with sustainable.

Additional advantages include:
Improved productiveness of the accounts to be paid team:
Automating most of the processes allow AP staff to pay attention to far more strategic tasks.

Enhanced supplier relations:
As soon as suppliers get in touch with the AP division with questions, the invoice along with all accompanying details may be immediately retrieved and also the questions answered, saving time plus removing the price of calling them again.
Increased control over important business procedures:
Invoices are matched, coded as well as authorized and become prepared for payment considerably faster compared to with a manual procedure allowing all provider discounts to be acquired.

Increased level of services to inner departments:
authorized users exterior the AP department may view the invoice as well as status to answer provider questions without referring towards the AP team. They also can get details of expenditure in opposition to specific budget codes as well as cost centers.

Minimized data entry expenses:
Numerous invoice processing solution utilize OCR technologies (or optical character recognition) in order to automatically study the invoice along with inputs the details directly into your financial system. This also can learn new provider invoices automatically.

Decreased expense and time in solving discrepancies:
The invoice processing solution implies the AP team need not to go after the procurers in order to accept orders discrepancies. In case there are almost any delays these are  spontaneously escalated to make certain invoices can still become processed in supplier credit terms.

Decreased document storage expenses:
The invoice processing resolution will completely remove other storage expenses, whether you are at this time storing open or just off-site, utilizing microfilm or even another alternate storage media. The perfect solution is the BIP0008 compliant (lawfully acceptable format); therefore paper copies could be discarded.

Decreased stationary prices:
The invoice processing resolution will save businesses cash on purchasing paper, ink and also toner in addition to on utilizing the power to print along with copy documents.

Boost up CSR Efforts with the Comprehensive Power Management System
The CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility certainly is becoming increasingly essential in the current business landscape, and also environmental sustainability is the main priority for several hospitality establishments, provided the scale associated with the influence of their operations around the environment. Thus, a sophisticated power management program is indispensable in making sure that hotels have the ability to follow through upon their green Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Running any hotel is actually a source intensive operation, along with in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency, typically the hospitality industry invested greater than $5 billion over energy in the year 2004, together with this number continuously increasing through the years. With increasingly more consumers becoming worried about their environmental effect and moreover, making sound choices with regard to this, hotels as well have to improve their game to make sure that key factors of their operations usually are based on what guests search for within a hotel. A few hoteliers can be surprised to figure out that their particular environmental CSR efforts aspect greatly into several possible guests’ decision making procedure.

The fact is, a research by Carlson Hotels pointed out that 76 % of respondents get the hotel’s environmental friendliness in to consideration while deciding on the hotel. Not just that, however other studies also have shown that US consumers generally perceive a business more favorably if this supports a reason they feel powerfully about.

For hotels which put a high quality on environmental sustainability, integrating the energy management system turns into vital in making sure they are capable to meet their objectives with regards to it. This sends the best message to present as well as potential visitors who give great importance to energy preservation. One highly effective way for controlling energy consumption in any hotel room is that the cordless keycard system. This lets attendees to initiate control above various room functions for example lighting and also the HVAC system for inserting the keycard in to the keycard reader.

On the other hand, they may power these down as well as place them into energy-saving mode on the elimination of the keycard. The keycard-based system permits guests more active involvement in conserving energy, as well as allowing them to experience any hotel’s power management initiatives firsthand.
The hotels can get their energy-saving strategies further through installing automation controllers, along with adopting back-office application that permits staff to handle room functions through the network. The latter allows hotel employees to ensure the suitable utilize of resources in just not guest rooms; however. even entire floors plus wings. With a highly developed energy management system together with diligent monitoring and also an implementation, hotels can get significant steps to completely realizing their CSR goals.

Edison prisen

I 2008 modtog jeg på vejene af “ Computerworlds Edison pris for årets digitale idé.

Vi var meget stolte af prisen og der blev lavet en lille artikel om projektet og overrækkelsen.
Læs meget mere om Edison prisen

Find informationer om Jonathan Løw, på den nye wikipedia side her

Jonathan Løw - nu også i Gyldendals leksikon

Gyldendal har lavet et online opslagsværk, hvor du gratis kan finde informationer om rigtig mange emner.

Der er bl.a. lavet en erhvervskategori, hvor brugerne kan oprette og tilrette profiler for erhvervsfolk.

Du kan finde mig her: Gyldendal

Gyldendal kalder deres leksikon “Den store Danske” og det er opbygget lidt som en Dansk udgave af wikipedia, hvor brugerne kan bidrage.

Spar penge og hjælp andre via youmeshopping

Det lyder næsten for godt til at være sandt.

At hjælpe andre er oftest ensbetydende med penge ud af lommen, med følelsen af at gøre noget godt som det eneste man får tilbage. Det har youmeshopping lavet om på. Ikke alene vil du kunne gøre nogle rigtige gode handler gennem de mange tilbud som ugentligt vil komme i din mailboks, men du vil samtidig kunne bidrage økonomisk til forskellige velgørenheds organisationer, helt efter dit valg.

Hele ideen er startet i det små, med nogle få entusiastiske frivillige som ville bidrage med lidt godt til forskellige formål, men ønskede en anden vinkel, end den mere traditionelle raslbebøsse.

Ideen voksede, og det vi idag ser som youmeshopping, er en stor gruppe frivillige, der alle bidrager til at gøre det interessant for brugere at handle via youmeshopping, samtidig med, at der bidrages til velgørenhed, uden at folk skal smide ekstra til formålet.

Tilmelder man sig nyhedsbrevene, så er det ikke sådan at man bliver bombarderet hver dag med nyheder. Man vil ugentligt modtage de nyheder der måtte være, og kan så mageligt derhjemmefra foretage de valg og de køb man måtte finde interesse i.

Sikkerhed, når man handler på nettet, er også noget der naturligvis ligger youmeshopping på sinde, og med den nyeste kryptering på betalingsmodulet, så er man som kunde sikret på bedste vis mod misbrug. For at sikre fuld synlighed, så er der desuden listet, ikke alene den oprindelige pris på produktet og rabat procenten, men også den nuværende pris, samt hvor meget der vil tilgå velgørenhed ved det enkelte køb. Man kan altså idag, både forkæle sig selv med gode tilbud, og samtidig være god mod andre i processen. Hos youmeshopping finder man alt fra tøj, vine, film, bøger og meget mere for både mænd, kvinder og børn.

Friends er velkommen

Der er ingen tvivl om, at Facebook er det mest kraftfulde sociale medie i Danmark Pt.
Før face kom, eksisterede mange andre sociale medier, men fælles for næsten alle var (og er til dels stadigvæk) at de var enten geografisk begrænsede eller emne specifikke.

Facebooks popularitets skal bl.a findes i den store multinationale udbredelse og at mediet i sig selv, henvender sig til alle på nær børn.

En af årsagerne til den store udbredelse skal bl.a findes i den strategi, der fra begyndelsen er brugt. Målgruppen var de mest sociale mennesker - de unge studerende - resten er selv komme med.

I dag har selv bedsteforældre og landmænd en profil og der er enormt stort potentiale i mediet mht marketing.

Fremtiden vil formentlig bringe integration af lang flere af de funktioner og services vi i dag logger af Facebook for at bruge. Man kunne forestille sig en “startside” som det første man besøger online, hvor Facebook er en mindre del af siden.

Noget af det der arbejdes på i øjeblikket, er integration af en bedre søgefunktion - noget der vil kunne true Googles markedsposition kraftigt, da direkte søgninger på nettet uden at forlade Facebook vil være kærkommen for rigtig mange.

Jeg er naturligvis selv at finde på mediet og bruger det dagligt.
Du er altid velkommen til at tilføje mig som ven og følge mig på Face.

Du finder mig her: Jonathan Løw på facebook

Så skulle du tage at se forbi iværksætterforummet

Her kan du læse nyheder, finde medarbejdere og få svar i forummet fra andre ligestillede.

Det er gratis at blive medlem.

Om Jonathan Løw

Mit navn er Jonathan Løw, jeg er 33 år og født i Danmark.

Efter min studietid på Århus Universitet (Nordisk sprog og kommunikation) var jeg ansat som marketingchef hos bog og ide, hvorefter jeg påbegyndte min rejse indenfor social velgørenhed med projektet “

I dag er jeg marketingchef hos Kaospiloterne i Århus (DK) og aktiv i en ny forening ved navn Youme Shopping.

Udover Youme shopping holder jeg i min fritid foredrag om cause related marketing og CSR, hvor jeg ser på de nyeste trends indenfor feltet.

De fleste kender mig fra, men jeg er faktisk også forfatter.
"Hvide hjerte" var min første udgivelse (Novellesamling) og af andre publikationer vil jeg også nævne min biografi om Poul Krebs.

Du kan finde mig i Danmark på mit Danske website Jonathan-Loew og på mine internationale business profiler Xing samt Quaro.

Her på Tumblr vil jeg med tiden post indlæg om bl.a. CSR og det at være social iværksætter.

Du kan bl.a. følge mig  her:
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